What it costs

The way that most people use the service is by buying a block of our time so that they know that whatever issue arises, they can pick the phone up or send an email at any time and we’ll get straight on with it. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we are just a phone call away and we are happy to answer all questions, even the most trivial!

We keep detailed timesheets of the time we spend working on your behalf which you can see at any time.

Our rates are as follows:

6 hour package 250 euros

3 hour package 150 euros

Hourly rate 55 euros/hour

Most of our customers find that a 6 hour package goes a very long way, as there is no expiry date – if a couple of months goes by without needing to call us, don’t worry! You really can use the time as and when the need arises.

Please contact us to register on our priority customer list.