If you own a property located in a shared building or on a residence, matters concerning all the co-owners will either be managed by a committee or by a managing agent or syndic.

Co-owned buildings have to be managed according to strict rules laid down by French law. Owners have to pay their share of costs according to the percentage of the building that they own (often referred to as tantiemes or millièmes), and also have a voting right in that same proportion. This can all seem extremely complicated if you don’t speak French.

Worry not, we have lots of experience in dealing with issues concerning shared buildings and are here to help. We can:

·    Attend Annual General Meetings with you or on your behalf
·    Translate and interpret the minutes of these meetings
·    Liaise with managing agents and co-owners on your behalf
·    Sort out insurance claims relating to a shared building

Kevin Purdom used our France-SOS service to sort out some issues with his building in Paris. He had this to say about us:

“France SOS were brilliantly efficient in dealing with the tax office to sort out a mess I’d got myself into. They also dealt directly with my Syndic, getting answers to my queries when I had tried and failed to get a response. It is great having France SOS available to take the stress out of dealing with the French authorities.”