Childcare and schools

If you have children, the low cost of French childcare is one of biggest benefits of living in France. It is heavily subsidised by the state and exceptional value. We have been through the system and can help you sort out your rights and requirements with regard to your child(ren). If you are pregnant and need assistance navigating your way through the system, we’d be delighted to help with that too.

Here are just some of the ways we could help you:

  • Registering your children in school
  • Finding pre-school childcare for your children
  • Getting your children into the system & obtaining a Carte Vitale
  • Registering your children with a paediatrician
  • Making appointments with a GP or specialist
  • Accompanying you/your child to doctor’s appointments to interpret
  • Registering you with the CAF for family allowance payments
  • Assisting you during your pregnancy

For an overview of the French school system, have a look here.

For an insight into what it is like to be pregnant in France, click here.